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Sunday, August 7, 2011


So good .... it oughta be illegal !

Created by Tino Lettieri, the former Minnesota Kicks soccer goalie - he kicks a mean marinara sauce in the butt!  I have frequented this neighborhood cafe for years now, quite often with my daughter, Hannah.  Order one of their pasta dishes and they'll keep filling your bowl if you're not full!  My favorite on the menu is the calzone...choose your fillings, and they fill you up! 

The glass covered tabletops enclose pictures of the Lettieri family and friends, so you get to know them while you eat.  I'm not sure if they've noticed yet, but I brought in a picture of myself and slipped it in with the family.  I'm hoping for that invitation to the next big Calcio event.  I am part of the family now!

Tino's is the inspiration for my following Calzone recipe.  I hope it finds you love!

Don't forget the Gelato on your way out .... Prodigious!

Located in Minnetonka, MN - off Hwy 7                               

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