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Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Some of you that read my other blog, noticed that I have a contest running for this, my cooking blog.  Doesn't make a lot of sense does it ... or does it?   In this new year I have decided to award one guest chef to be featured in my blog per month - complete with a gift, from ... drum kitchen!  How will we know if  I really sent a gift?  Well, the winner has permission to relentlessly harass me in the comment section if I don't.  But only for one day.


 If you'd like to be a guest chef, please email me your recipe and I will give it an honest try in my own kitchen. - If I love it (or like it a whole heck of a lot), I will post it.  If I post it, I will send you a personal gift from my kitchen - guaranteed.  Almost guaranteed.  *Remember the harassment rule.  I will have one guest chef each month in the new year, and you can send as many recipes as you'd like.  Email your recipes to:


I thought I should share this here, since here is where the contest runs!  Make sense?  Indeed.

If your recipe does not win the month you submit it, it does not mean it won't win for a later month.  I have received several already, so I've been busy in my kitchen!  Have fun with this, share anything you like related to the recipe (or not)... and keep them coming!

                                                                      It could be you!